True healing comes with the nourishing of

  the mind, the body and the soul

Mizan Practitioner, Holistic Therapist and Doula specializing in Women's    Health. 


You may be here because you are interested in holistic therapies and natural healing, Maybe you want to heal and nourish your soul? or perhaps you are simply wanting to relax with an organic aromatherapy massage. Do you have problems with your menstral cycle?  IBS ?. Are you planning a baby and trying to concieve, or already pregnant and searching for some safe and organic treatments to nurture your changing body?  Perhaps you are looking for some information about natural childbirth or looking for a Doula to support you during your birth ?

Whatever the reason for your visit, slip off your shoes,  make yourself comfortable, relax with a hot cup of tea, and enjoy exploring through my website and see what

Child Of The Moon can offer you.

                    I look forward to meeting you soon

                                      Kirsty xxx

Kirsty East

Mizan Practitioner,

Holistic Therapist and  Doula

 54 Blossom Street


YO24 1AP

Tel: 07742933421